Sliver of Moon

My moon pictures are still a work in progress. The moon is very thin tonight. I wish I could figure out the settings to be able to see the outline of the moon with this sliver of light, like I can with my eye. Maybe one day….but this is what this Project 365 is about, learning more each day! Day 30/365.



Had to work again today, no picture time again :(. This Iguana was at Jungle Island in Miami. I thought it was fake at first, but then realized he was real. He’s sort of creepy to Day 29/365.



Stepped out the back door looking for something to photograph, when this bird flew over my house. It is really windy here today, and he was just riding the wind. Day 26/365.


One Tired Puppy

Today was beautiful! So I took advantage of the nice weather and took Sadie to the dog park. There were several dogs there and I was surprised considering it was the middle of the day. She had a great time running around and playing with the other dogs. The worst part of my picture taking today  was that I mostly got “butt” shots! LOL! Day 25/365.



Caught these palm trees blowing in the wind off Biscayne Bay in Miami. It’s much easier to catch the wind blowing with these trees. I haven’t been able to capture the wind before around my house! Day 24/365.


Cute Kitty

I had to work today, and after getting home after a 12 hour shift and it’s dark, there’s not much to take pictures So I saw this cute cat while we were in Miami. It was on the restaurant patio lying in one of the chairs enjoying the sun. He was very friendly and enjoyed being petted. There was also another black cat, but he wasn’t very friendly. Day 23/365.


Prickly Weed

Cloudy and yucky here again. I find it interesting. I’m not sure what it is, but they look like yellow tomatoes, and they are in various places in the backyard. I like how the thorns look in this picture. And trust me, they are very pokey! LOL! Day 22/365.