Leucistic Alligator

Saw this alligator today at Jungle Island in Miami, Florida. I learned something about white alligators and thought I’d share!

One of the rarest Alligators is the White alligator. There are two types of White alligators, Leucistic and Albino. The difference between the two is that Leucistic alligators have reduced levels of all skin pigments, whereas the Albino lacks only melanin. Another common way to differentiate between the two is that the Leucistic alligator generally has blue eyes, while the Albino has red eyes.

Other than skin coloration there is virtually no difference between normally pigmented alligators and Leucistic alligators. Because it is not a genetic mutation, but rather a color variation, Leucistic alligators are not as weak as true Albino alligators and can be expected to live normal lives. Being white at birth, the hatchlings are very visible to prey animals and very few actually survive into adulthood. Day 10/365.


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