Blue Heron

This guy was at the park the other day. I saw him through the fence and figured the dogs would scare him away. But he stood there for me to take his picture! Day 149/365.


What’s For Breakfast?

Took the dogs for a short walk at the park today. Saw this squirrel getting into the trash can, it was so funny. Of course the dogs wanted to chase it, so we didn’t get to watch long! Day 147/365.



Heard the dogs barking and barking, I thought they were barking at the neighbor’s dogs on the other side of the fence. It went on too long, so I stepped out and saw this kitty on top of the fence. Of course when I first saw him I didn’t have my camera so I had to run back in and get it. He looked meaner than this initially! He was arched up and hissing. I think this is the first time either dog has seen a cat. Day 145/365.

DSC_0002 (2)