We went to the Botanical Garden today and there were a lot of bees! I captured many awesome pictures [if I don’t say so myself ;)]. ┬áDay 178/365.

DSC_0190 (2)

Good Morning!

Got up early this morning to catch the sunrise. It wasn’t as colorful as I’ve noticed on other days driving to work. But I think it is pretty. Day 177/365.


Mrs Cardinal

Mrs Cardinal stopped by, but she saw me and didn’t want to go near the feeder, so she picked some seed off the driveway. Caught her in mid stride here, she did have 2 legs..LOL. Day 175/365.

DSC_0005 (2)

Mushroom Collage

Tuesday I noticed another group of mushrooms growing in the other pot (that I didn’t plant flowers in). Thought they were pretty cool looking. We had a of rain that night, and yesterday I happened to just look at them again, and they had opened up. I didn’t know that mushrooms could do that. Day 173/365.

Mushroom Collage 2