Sleepy Day…

Rainy here today and the dogs have to stay in because I don’t want to clean up the muddy mess.  As you can see, Heidi has a “ruff” life! LOL!! Day 243/365.


Large Mushroom

Walking around the neighborhood when I saw this large mushroom in someones yard. Loving to photograph mushrooms, I had to go into their yard. I didn’t trespass too much to get it, just about 2 feet (and it was their side yard, so hopefully I didn’t look to creepy! LOL  Day 240/365.


Coca-Cola Dispenser

This is a 1915 Leaded Glass Globe and Dispenser. They said this is the rarest piece and the most exquisite artifact in the museum and truly depicts how ornate early soda fountains were.  Day 237/365.

DSC_0132 (2)

1920 Mahogany Soda Fountain

Today a few of us from church went to a Coca-Cola Memorabilia Museum in Cedartown, GA.

“This 18 foot soda fountain was originally used in the Marquis, a pub in western London, until it closed in the 1960’s. After being salvaged almost 50 years later and undergoing a complete restoration, the museum had it shipped to Cedartown from London, England in an effort to create the most authentic soda fountain display possible.”  Day 236/365.