Sneaky, Sneaky…

The squirrels got on the bird feeder I had in front of the house, and chewed the edge off of it. They can not longer feast up there, the Hummingbirds have taken over. So I have seen the squirrel on the deck trying to figure out how to get to that feeder. Well today, I caught him red handed! DSC_0006 (2)DSC_0008 (2)DSC_0009 (2)DSC_0010 (2)DSC_0016

More Hummingbirds!

Still practicing my hummingbird pictures. I think I am getting better. They do fly near me and look at me (I haven’t been able to catch that pic yet, they are to fast), I think they just want to see what I am doing!

DSC_0020DSC_0046 (2)