My Girls

Since moving into our new house, my girls (Sadie & Heidi), have been enjoying our deck. They love to watch for birds and squirrels. It is a second story deck, so we have to make sure they aren’t going to jump and go after them! (I wouldn’t put it past them).

SadieHeidiSadie & Heidi

Furry Pod

My magnolia tree is preparing to have have some beautiful blooms in the next couple of months. It’s neat how the pod is furry while the bloom is growing inside.  Day 103/365.


Moon (again…)

The moon looked huge rising into the sky. I hate that I couldn’t get the house in the picture that is cutting off a portion of the moon. I didn’t see a pink moon last night though. Day 102/365.

DSC_0001 (2)

Little Buddy

Wanted to share a couple of new pictures of our turtle Little Buddy.


Little Buddy crossing his feet! Looks like he could use a manicure..LOL.


Little Buddy just chillin’ on his platform enjoying the warmth of his lamps.