More Moon Shots

I love looking at the moon, trying to get better with taking pictures of it. Here’s a couple I got last week.


Got this picture of the moon on September 8. Still struggling with moon shots! lol


Got this picture on September 12. It’s amazing to see how fast the moon turns full!

Double Rainbow

Saw this beautiful double rainbow on my way home from work tonight. The picture that has the church steeple in it is our old church. The other picture was taken from my backyard.  They are about 5 miles apart. 20160710_19212720160710_192851

Couple More Sadie Pictures


Got Sadie this kiddie pool thinking she would love it since she loved the water in Gatlinburg, TN in March. She decided to lay beside it instead of in it!



Got her a little pool toy to play with, she just took it out of the pool and ran off!


I was scrapbooking in the North Carolina mountains this past weekend, there was a short, but large thunderstorm that stopped by for a visit. When it left, we had 2 beautiful rainbows! Unfortunately I only had my phone with me and not my camera :(. I think it was the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen. It seemed close enough to touch.


What A Handful!


Our Sadie is home and what a handful! I forgot how active puppies are! And she’s into everything! LOL But she’s as sweet as can be, will be nice when she stops biting me though! Those puppy teeth hurt!