Got this picture at the botanical garden today. It looks huge! I took it at eye level zoomed in. 88/365.

Hairy Woodpecker

Not sure why they call this one a Hairy Woodpecker. He is very similar to the Downy Woodpecker. The only difference I can find is that they are bigger than the Downy Woodpeckers. He stopped by for a bite to eat since the feeder was just filled. He spent a lot of time throwing out seed to find what he wanted…LOL…87/365.


I didn’t know what this was until I googled it. It is good and bad. The good is it’s good in the spring for the bees for nectar, and bad because it can over take your yard. You do learn something every day! 85/365.

I’m outta here!

Another one of my frog pictures, when he was placed on the flower, he turned his back to me. Every time I rotated the flower, he turned his back against me again! 84/365.