Mr. Hummingbird

I have a hummingbird feeder outside my bedroom window. Saw this little guy sitting there for awhile. Went and got the camera and he was still there!! Had to take the picture through the window, but didn’t think it turned out to bad.


The squirrels have found our bird feeder! Our dogs constantly search for them when they go out. We can’t even say the word “squirrel” without them getting excited!

Looked out the window and caught this little guy getting ready to have lunch.
Now his belly is full!

Little Buddy

This is our turtle, Little Buddy. The name stuck because no one would come up with a name and I would just call him Little Buddy. Then we found out it was a girl, but she had the name so long she still has it. She is in her floating log looking out to see what is going on!