A new visitor

This bird stopped in today for a bite to eat. This is the first time I’ve seen it here. I googled Carolina Wren, and this is what it looked like. I couldn’t, however, discover if this was a male or female. 31/365.

Mrs Cardinal

Mrs Cardinal stopped to check up on Mr Cardinal. He was not here at the time, but when he did stop in for a bite, he still got seed all over his beak as he ate! 30/365.

Mr Downy Woodpecker

On this dreary day, Mr Downy Woodpecker stopped by the feeder for a bite to eat. I love how I was able to get a shot of the back of his head, I didn’t know their red feathers were in the shape of a heart! 29/365.

Half Moon

Caught this half moon out this afternoon. I’m very pleased with this picture. I did crop it and adjust the color, but the surface is all mine! 28/365.

Up, Up and Away

This is not even a good picture, but I like how I caught him going from the deck to the feeder. Love that little foot! lol 25/365

Frosty Morning

There was quite a lot of frost this morning. This squirrel got up for an early breakfast. Of course the dogs were excited to see him, they wanted to chase him! 24/365.